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Full-service residential and commercial plumbers who proudly serve all of Southern California. From leak detection to hot water tank installation and drain cleaning, we cover it all.

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Same Day Plumbing is a gem in the world of plumbing services. They replaced my old, inefficient pipes with precision and efficiency. My water pressure has never been better. Truly impressive work!

Preston Plumley January 15th, 2024

Same Day Plumbing truly lives up to its name! They came to my home when I had a major plumbing problem, and their swift response and expert service saved the day. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and efficiency."

John Patrick December 19th, 2023

Outstanding service from Same Day Plumbing! Their team is not only highly skilled and professional. They came out and fixed my plumbing issue and left everything clean. They are an awesome plumbing company"

Robert Tarbell December 14th, 2023
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Immediate Plumbing Needs? Get Same-Day Service in San Diego County - Dial 1-760-349-1777 Now for Quick Assistance.

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Plumbing Services

Looking for a reliable plumbing solution? Our expert team of plumbers offers a wide range of services to keep all residential and commercial plumbing systems working and running smoothly.

  • Leaky faucets and toilets, including repairs for constant running or clogs.

  • Cracked or leaky pipe fixes.

  • Solutions for ceiling or wall leaks.

  • Sump pump maintenance and repair.

  • Garbage disposal and water softener servicing.

  • Hose bibb installation and repair.

  • Resolving low water pressure issues.

  • And more...

Trust us to address these and other plumbing needs with efficiency and expertise


Reliable Repairs for Pipes, Sump Pumps, Garbage Disposals, and Water Softeners. End Low Water Pressure and Wall Leaks Today! Call 1-760-349-1777.

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Drain Cleaning

Is your drainage system giving you trouble? It could signify a larger issue with your main sewer line. Our services include:

  • Camera inspections to diagnose the problem.

  • Clearing clogged bathroom sinks, tub drains, and kitchen sinks.

  • Efficient solutions for clogged garbage disposals.

  • Speeding up slow drains.

  • Tackling clogged sewer lines.

  • And more...

Choose Hometown Plumbing for reliable sewer services that keep your system flowing.


From Kitchen Sinks to Sewer Lines. Fast Solutions for Clogs and Slow Drains, with Camera Inspections for Accurate Diagnosis. Clear Drains, Hassle-Free! Call 1-760-314-1560.

Our Service

Sewer Repair

Hometown Plumbing specializes in sewer repair. We provide prompt and cost-effective solutions for pipe corrosion, clogs, tree root infiltration, and more, ensuring your sewer system runs smoothly. Our expertise covers various sewer problems:

  • Fixing pipe corrosion.

  • Clearing mainline clogs.

  • Removing tree roots from your pipes.

  • Repairing or replacing broken, cracked, or collapsed sewer lines.

  • Dealing with aging or damaged sewer lines made of materials like cast iron, Orange-burg, or clay.

  • And more...

Experience worry-free sewer solutions with Hometown Plumbing. Call now!


Our Plumbers Fix Corrosion, Clogs, Root Infiltration, and Line Damage. Quick Solutions for All Sewer Types and Ages. Efficient, Lasting Repairs! Call 1-760-349-1777.


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