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Why Does It Take So Long for My Shower to Get Hot Water?

The delay in receiving hot water in your shower is typically due to the distance between the water heater and the shower. The longer the pipes, the longer it takes hot water to travel through them. To solve this, we recommend installing a recirculation pump that keeps hot water flowing through the plumbing system, significantly reducing the wait time. We offer different types of recirculation pumps to suit your needs:

  • Timer-Based Pumps: These run at preset times, ensuring hot water availability according to your schedule.

  • Thermostat-Controlled Pumps: These activate when the water temperature drops below a set threshold, maintaining a consistent hot water supply.

  • On-Demand Pumps: These are activated by a button or sensor, providing hot water exactly when needed. This upgrade offers instant hot water and conserves water and energy, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home.

  • Published: Dec 29, 2023
  • Updated: Dec 29, 2023

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